Everything You Need To Know About the History of Sea Bright, New Jersey

Sea Bright is one of the smallest boroughs in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It came into existence after the New Jersey Legislature was established on March 21, 1889. Sea Bright came from a part of Ocean Township. The borough was again reincorporated on March 10, 1897. Some of the additional parts of Ocean Township were also placed under Sea Bright in March 1909.

History of Sea Bright, New Jersey

According to various sources, Martha Bayard Stevens named this borough Sea Bright. On the other hand, other sources reveal that the place was named after a certain Sea Bright in England. However, earlier sources say that Sea Bright was one word, written as Seabright. It even has proof, such as the Seabright Lawn Tennis and Cricket Club and the United States Coast Guard’s Station Seabright. It is hard to tell how the borough got its name with so many sources mentioning different information.

The current location of Sea Bright was actually a fishing community in the early 1840s. It contained a few ordinary shacks in the beach dunes. There was even a hotel there called Ocean House. It allowed sea bathing and fishing for people who stayed there. Back then, people called the area Nauvoo, which in Native American means bright sea. This is another theory behind the current name of the place.

Developments in Sea Bright started in 1870 when the government built a bridge connecting Rumson to Sea Bright. In fact, it was the first bridge across the famous Shrewsbury River. Monmouth County later decided to replace the existing span of the bridge and extend it further. The changes took place in 1950. It now connects Sea Bright to Ocean Avenue. The county also decided to improve its offshore fishing facilities. It developed Jersey Shore in Sea Bright that now attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

Local government

The Borough form of municipal government now governs Sea Bright. The governing body chooses a mayor in the borough. Its council consists of six members who serve a three-year period.

Places to Visit in Sea Bright

Sea Bright is a popular tourist spot in New Jersey because of its fishing facilities. Every year hundreds of tourists come, rent boats and charters, and go fishing for days. If you are not into fishing, you can relax on the Sea Bright public beach. The weather remains comfortable for most parts of the year.

Alternatively, you can take a trip to see the Twin Lights. It’s a historic site that most people visit when in Sea Bright. The Highlands Sea Bridge is another popular tourist spot. You can feel the soothing wind of the sea when you stand on this bridge. The picturesque landscape from the bridge will take your breath away. Most tourists come here to watch the sunset. The locals believe that the sunset from this bridge looks more beautiful than from the Sea Bright public beach.

Overall, the rich history of Sea Bright makes its residents proud. You can visit this small borough during the weekend and enjoy the calm and quiet atmosphere with your partner.

Sea Bright Rising

Celebrating Sea Bright, New Jersey!

We are a collection of enthusiasts looking to celebrate the wonderful community of Sea Bright, NJ.

History of Sea Bright Rising

Sea Bright Rising was a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation based at 8 River Street Sea Bright, NJ 07760.  It disbanded in 2016 after 4 years helping the families and businesses of Sea Bright, NJ.

We are NOT currently associated with the disbanded organization Sea Bright Rising, Inc., however we are presenting this information for reference and disambiguation purposes.

St. Bernard Project

Before disbanding, Sea Bright Rising was partnered with St. Bernard Project, a national disaster recovery nonprofit organization, to help rebuild the residential community of Sea Bright, New Jersey.

It specialized in serving residents that need help but require financial assistance.

Sea Bright Rising, Inc distributed over $1,000,000 and financially assisted almost 300 families and 18 businesses in Sea Bright.