Honor Roll

Sea Bright NJ, Sea Bright Rising Sea Bright NJ, Sea Bright Rising Sea Bright NJ, Sea Bright Rising Sea Bright NJ, Sea Bright Rising

Sea Bright Rising, Sea Bright NJ

All Sea Bright Residents
John Milmore
212 Ocean Avenue
Luke and Owen Hayes
The Pro Bono Committee of Alston and Bird, LLP
Albert Saad’s 40th Birthday (Multiple)
Haverford School District, PA
Dani and Family
Ashley Marie Pedersen
Bob Kelleher
Edward J. Rank
Peter and Annetta Benedict
Sea Bright Community
New Jersey
Friends Who Live in Sea Bright
Those Who Lost Their Possessions
John Bonello Sr
Soccer for Sea Bright (Multiple)
RFH Class of ’93 (Multiple)
Wonderful Memories of Time Spent in Sea Bright and Our Friends Who Live There
Joan McCauley
The Stypa Family
The DeQuillacq Family
The Bennett Family
The Fine Family
The Muscarello Family
The LaRocca Family
Willy Mason and Kimberly Otvos
Hurricane Sandy
The Chamberlain Girls
Joseph Marion (Multiple)
Chris Wood (Multiple)
Keep It Moving- Detroit, MI
Paul Wasko
Great Times I’ve Had in Sea Bright
Brocade Communications (Multiple)
Adam Rodriquez
Robert Patey
Sea Bright Beach
Debbie Farragher
Peter M. Koenig
Lucia and Edward Dillon Hari Christensen
Marianne Ella Keogh
The Albrecht Family
Salon Coco Bond
The Businesses of Sea Bright
All the Good People Dedicated to Rebuilding Sea Bright
Pete Forlenza and Chris Wood
The Men and Women Spending Their Time and Effort in Sea Bright
Barbara Gallagher
Jakie Boy Olson
Michael Morrison’s Run (Multiple)
The Silva Family
Andrew and Whitney Maurer
Samantha and Felix Arauz
RFH, Class of ’93
Mary Ann Fortunato
The Gilbert Family
Setsy Higgins
The David Anderson’s of Rumson
Vonage Marketing Communications
Marda Higdon Jones
The Molnar Family
Robert Talmage
Terry and Rich Sierchio
Micaela Sandlass
Joann Mehalick
The Perl Family
The Gilbert Family
The Sea Shanty
The Reardon Kids
Rhonda Angerio
The Nicastro Boys
Doug Rossbach
Ish McLaughlin and Jared Lekfort
In Memory of Thomas Noone
Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church
Steve and Bernadette Barnett
Chris and MandyJoe and Karen Burke
Leesa Eichberger
The Boyle Family
Calvin Bell’s Birthday
John Bonello’s Birthday
Karen Marcus and Ralph Czitron
Dr. Steven Friedel’s birthday
Madison McGeddy’s 13th birthday
Jennings Cotton
The Carton Family
The Famloid
Joe Sernio
The Thomas Family
Pari Harrison
Peter and Jean Blackie
Ship Ahoy Beach Club
Mayor Dina Long
Monmouth University Ice Hockey Alumni
Mark Molzon
Sea Bright’s Seafaring Legacy
Susan Porter
The Corrigan Family
The Fitzwilliam Family
My Wonderful Community
Friends of Pam McCoy
A Friend
Sea Bright Residents
Kathryn Zucker Johnston and Martha Spong
Bat Mitzvah
In Memory of Frank Diesler (Multiple)
Sue Batting
In Memory of Lillian West
Bob and Joan Rechnitz
In Memory of Dennis Collins